Established in 2004, the Scotiabank Art Gallery hosts a permanent collection of works by over 50 artists from Coaldale and the surrounding area, as well as a collection of published works by local authors. The gallery also showcases artwork on loan from artists or their families. It is curated by the Gem of the West Arts and Culture Committee.

Katherine (Brauer) Haynes moved to Coaldale with her family at the age of 11. She attended school and later went on to become a teacher in our community. Katherine began studying painting at the Banff School of Fine Arts, and devoted the majority of her career as an artist to landscapes and nature scenes beautifully rendered in watercolour. Visit the Scotiabank Art Gallery between August 16 and September 27th to enjoy a small selection of the almost 4000 paintings Katherine completed in her lifetime.

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Information on upcoming exhibits will be posted soon…